Sunday, December 7, 2014

Melvie's Love

Sorry folks for not posting to you sooner but I have some terrible news to share. this past November, my mother passed away. The cause of her passing is still unknown at this time and we may never know the cause. But one thing is certain, my mother passed away peacefully and she wasn't suffering when she did. i thank to all of those who has been there for me and for all who donated to help with her funeral as well as well wishes and sympathy cards during this difficult times.

During this time, I decided to set up a charity in her honor and memory calling it Melvie's Love. the charity is set up to create and give away knitted scarves to the local community. But due to the cost of making these scarves, money is needed to help buy the yarn needed to make them. So I ask that you either help by donating or just by sharing the link below.

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